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What is a career?

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Australia’s is the youngest city in the world and the state government of Victoria has come up with the best explanation I’ve seen on what a career encompasses.

A career includes all the roles you undertake throughout your life – education, training, paid and unpaid work, family, volunteer work, leisure activities and more

“Career” was traditionally associated with paid employment and referred to a single occupation. In today’s world the term career is seen as a continuous process of learning and development. Activities that contribute to a career can include:




-work experience

-community activities

-enterprise activities


-different life roles

-volunteer work

-leisure activities

A working environment constantly changing how we work

Rapid changes in information and communication technologies, increasing globalization, and greater competition, are all contributing to a dramatic change in working life, which will have an impact on your career. The concept of a job for life is no longer a reality. Young people now are likely to experience five to eight major career changes in their lives in a variety of industry sectors. They will also be experiencing more fluid forms of working with increasing casual, contract and part-time work options.

Many people are also increasingly looking for work/life balance in their lives. They want to maintain the best balance between the hours they spend in paid work and the time devoted to other roles in their lives such as leisure and home and family life.

In this new climate, individuals need to be adaptable, dynamic, innovative, flexible, resilient, self-initiating and collaborative to accommodate and thrive in workplaces, or to create work for themselves.

People need to be proactive life/career managers actively engaged in learning throughout life. Life long learning is now the norm and will be an integral part of workplaces of the future. It is critical for people to manage their life, learning, and work if they are to successfully navigate their way around a dynamic and complex economic landscape. But this is the one thing most people fail to do and why I have dedicated all my life to mentor, coach and train people to manage their careers successfully.

I want to make my expertise on “How to for Career Success” – available to you!

Because Happiness can only be achieved when you lead your life in the direction of your dreams.  “But with more than 20 years of experience coaching successful leaders plus my own personal history of being cast out for challenging the status quo –  I know that is a daunting task we easily give up early on.

We live in a world that seems to only value those who are more aggressive or perceived to have power, money or fame. Hence why we get discourage thinking that building a career and life around what’s truly important to us doesn’t pay off.

I want to change that mindset by showing you the ropes and easy steps to take that my clients and I have followed to succeed – doing what we love, while making a difference in the world. Starting now! by accessing my career and entrepreneurship advice online via coaching, workshops to the public, social media channels, and – soon – in my ZP Success in Action® TV and Radio show.

What will you learn?

The how to of these critical elements that most people don’t know when choosing or changing careers:

-Knowing yourself – what you like (your interests), what you are good at (your skills and abilities), what is important to you (values)

-Getting to understand the world of work – what’s out there

-Learning how to make informed decisions

-Finding out how to achieve objectives.


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The National Association of Professional Women forms a strategic alliance with TV Career expert and Success Coach, Zulmarie Padín to ignite women’s success with education


The Miami Chapter of NAPW is excited to announce our strategic alliance with the corporate trainer and recognized National TV Career Expert and Success Coach, Zulmarie Padin.

This new initiative called “ZP Success in Action” aims to develop the personal skills and knowledge that women need to succeed in business today.

“ZP Success in Action” is a high level business education program consisting of workshops for NAPW members, free conferences for the general public, and best practice advice online. To help women manage and grow their careers and companies.

The first program starting Tuesday March 29 sold out in 2 days. Due to the overwhelming response we opened a new series starting on April 12, please link here to get the details and get on board

We kicked off the project live on Tuesday, February 16 at 6.00 pm with Zulmarie’s key note: “If you want success, focus on your strengths”, during  NAPW’s Miami Local Chapter meeting in Lago Mediteranian Restaurant at the exclusive community of Costa del Sol, Doral.


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BREAKING NEWS: Sold out in two days! We opened a new cycle of ZP Success in Action workshops – REGISTER NOW!


Hurry up and register! Zulmarie’s strategic alliance with NAPW (read more), ZP Success in Action private workshops, sold out in 2 days without even going public! We opened a new series so you can participate, starting July 12. Go here now to check out the details and register.

Thanks to The National Association of Professional Women’s strategic alliance with Zulmarie to deliver a high level business education program for women consisting of workshops and free conferences for the general public, now you can join her upcoming series, “ZP Success in Action.” The curriculum was custom fit to help women manage and grow their careers and companies, with women’s challenges discovered in the survey findings in mind. (read more)

Here add the NEW dates and topics for each session using the format below but with NEW dates

What will you accomplish in each session of Zp Success in Action: 

Session 1: Tue August 9

Redesign your strategy. Rethink your priorities. Revamp your mindset

Session 2: Tue September 13

Getting customers: Understand Marketing, Sales, Branding, Promotion

Session 3: Tue October 11  

Telling your story: Public Relations. Digital tools (the platforms to get insta-known)

Session 4: Tue November 15

Present your new Strategy

Session 5: Tue December 6

Leading for Success: Communicate, Delegate, Increase productivity


Graduation Party!!! December 13

We will celebrate our accomplishments together in style at a very special place with the best host ever (it’s a secret that we’ll reveal only to graduates).

The value of this program is $3,000.00, but you can take advantage of NAPW’s offer, if you register now. Admission is by application only. Go here for information and to apply.

Note: We have more women interested than space available, so we will assign the seats in the strict order of registration. You do not have to be a NAPW member to register but you Go here for information and to apply.

We encourage you to share this unique opportunity with like-minded women who want to succeed in 2016.


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What does a healthy relationship feel like?


What does a healthy relationship feel like? in tune, relaxed, and just plain fun. But most of us are in an entanglement. A relationship is one in which both people are free to be themselves, yet there is no shortage of intimacy. No fear that doing what you love or being who you are or taking time for yourself will drive the other person away.

In a relationship, neither person needs the other to “complete” them. Both people are awake to themselves, their feelings and thoughts, and are open to the flow of love and attention with one another.

It’s about two equals celebrating together rather than “needing” something from the other.

Entanglements look and feel very different.

Signs You’re In An Entanglement

Entanglements may look like a relationship on the surface. You might spend a lot of time together, you’ve met each other’s friends and family, and people refer to you as a “couple.”

But you’re not having a real relationship – at least not one that is characterized by love and harmony. Entanglements masquerading as real relationships look like:

1. You keep having the same issues

When you find yourself having the same old argument with your partner for the umpteenth time, that’s a pretty good sign you’re likely in an entanglement.

2. You don’t feel safe or understood

One of the clearest signs of entanglement is that it is hard for one person to let the other person feel his or her feelings and tell the truth about them. Entanglements feel like you have to shut down a part of yourself. If you’re feeling like your partner just doesn’t get you, and that you’re not free to say exactly what’s on your mind, you know you’re not in a real relationship.

3. Someone always needs to be right

In a real relationship, each person is “awake” to his or her role in a problem, and the priority for both is growth. Entanglements are characterized by power struggles. Both people are vying for the title of victim, thus making the other the perpetrator. Nobody ever wins.

4. It’s just so hard

If you’re feeling drained with your partner, you’re likely caught up in an entanglement. In a harmonious relationship, both people take responsibility for any issues that arise, and they come up with creative solutions that further add to the positive feelings they share.

This month after many conversations on the topic – It dawned on me! The real issue of most is not knowing what a healthy relationship feel and look like. Therefore we keep re-enacting unhealthy dynamics we learned from our families or staying entangled for simply not knowing how it feels to be in harmony. Hence why I’m so grateful to Katie and Gay Hendrick’s work.

I’m baffled with how much time we waste with the wrong people and worst, how we tend to cave in out of habit. And when something better comes along we’re so used to entanglements – we cant’ recognized a when a healthier relationships knocks on our door nor free ourselves to experience what we deserve.

I hope you identify where you stand and make the choice to create a real joyful relationship and break away from the habits that keep you entangled.

Zulmarie Padín empowers millions of Hispanics with her TV segments in Despierta America via Univision and every Tuesday in Un Nuevo Dia which also airs nationally via Telemundo. Her laser coaching helps you change in minutes what you haven’t accomplished in years. Feel stuck? talk to her via phone or videocall to find the clarity you need to create what you want and have powerful results. To follow her conversation link to

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Where are you with your business? Ready for the next level?

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N A P W – Pembroke Pines Chapter cordially invites you to an evening with Zulmarie Padin, where she will give a conference on the topic “ Where Are You With Your Business – Are You Ready For The Next Level?” to the aspiring women entrepreneurs. Please join us on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 6:30pm, at Brio Tuscan Grille Restaurant, located in The Shops of Pembroke Gardens, 14576 SW 5TH Street, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027.

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Zulmarie Padin and The National Association of Professional Women form a strategic alliance

Category : EVENTS

Zulmarie Padin and NAPW are excited to announce this alliance, that will ignite and transform women’s success through high level education.

NAPW is America’s largest, most recognized networking organization for women. The Miami Chapter of NAPW is excited to announce our strategic alliance with the corporate trainer and recognized National TV Career Expert and Success Coach, Zulmarie Padin.

This new initiative, called “Zp Success in Action”, aims to develop the personal skills and knowledge that women need to succeed in business today.

“Zp Success in Action” is a high level business education program that consists of workshops for NAPW members, free conferences for the general public, and best practice advice online designed to help women manage and grow their careers and companies.

We are inviting you to kick off the project live Tuesday, February 16th at 6.00 pm with Zulmarie’s key note; “If you want success, focus on your strengths”, during  NAPW’s Miami Local Chapter meeting in Lago Mediteranian Restaurant at the exclusive community of Costa del Sol, Doral.

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What do men really want?



What men really desire and want from women? Listen Women: if there’s one thing you’d like it’s a man that’s romantic and passionate. A confident guy that really goes after you and shows it. The shocker: MEN like the exact same from women.

Why wouldn’t guys like to be desired, appreciated, and courted? We ask so much of men – pursue me, risk my rejection, prove your long-term interest. In our minds, we think we can offer #sex in return – the timeless exchange of sex for resources – and our job is done.

The Last Psychiatrist in his rebuke to Lori Gottlieb’s book about settling, said:

You want something uplifting, so here you go: you can never have a good relationship with anyone when your focus is the relationship. There’s a human being there who existed well before you got to them, and they weren’t built for you or your needs or your future dreams as an actor.  If you want to be happy with someone then your body and mind have to instinctively adapt to their happiness.  If you’re not ready for this kind of sacrifice, then you’re simply not ready

Uhmmm…The Challenge:

1. Women understand, rightly or wrongly, that aggressive communication of desire is the most important female behavior in the hookup toolkit, and therefore reserved for the promiscuous girl.

2. A woman’s direct confession that she thinks a man is hot is likely to get her pushed up against the back wall for some serious making out, at the very least. To avoid this kind of misunderstanding women are reticent about expressing attraction, for fear of initiating an escalation they don’t want.

3. Women perceive that guys would prefer a hookup to a relationship so they play it cool to save face, and maximize their appeal.

What are some of the most effective ways that you can express a romantic and passionate interest in a man?

1. Let him know that you find him sexually desirable.

Jesus Mahoney addressed this brilliantly:
Strong and intelligent are good qualities, but I think above all, men want the women they’re with to be sexually attracted to them. Friendship is a great part of a relationship, but if you’re not tingling for him, then the man is going to know it and be unhappy.

A key insight:
I was asked what was the most important thing I looked for in a relationship & I said ‘bottomless desire” and he said “bottomless desire”

Many men’s deepest need is to feel desired to the extent that they feel desire for the woman they fall in love with. Because men, as a rule, feel sexual desire much more acutely than women, their experience of that need being met is very rare.

Men don’t fantasize about a handsome prince & a big wedding & a high-status steadfast provider for their children. But they do dream about a woman they will burn with in mutual desire for all eternity.

2. Provide real, nurturing affection and physical contact.

Athol Kay during his Girl Game series, wrote Touch is Love:
Most men are never routinely touched by anyone other than during handshakes, doctor visits or getting punched – playfully or otherwise. Even hugs from your mom tend to vanish at some point midway through childhood.

The other way men get physically touched is through sex. Half the reason men automatically think that getting touched by a woman is a direct line to the bedroom, is that all too often that’s the only time they get physically touched. A decent part of the reason men want sex is simply to get physically touched.

…So touch him. Rub his back a little. Cuddle. Kiss. Do whatever incidental touch you can.

3. Understand that men prize loyalty and faithfulness.

David Buss wrote about fidelity in The Evolution of Desire:
For American men, faithfulness and sexual loyalty are the most important of 67 desirability traits.

“Men worldwide want physically attractive, young, and sexually loyal wives who will remain faithful to them until death.”
These preferences are universal across all cultures and absent in none.

What do men really want? Devotion. Therefore, if women want a man to continue to consider them as a potential mate without displaying their devotion to him through sexual intimacy, they will have to keep his interest by displaying their devotion to him through other behaviors.

In short, if you can’t keep men interested in being around you without being sexually intimate with them, the problem is not with the men.

4. Communicate that you appreciate, admire and respect him.

The Rawness wrote this about how to be the perfect woman:

Even the men who appear the strongest secretly have a fragile ego. One of the biggest secrets men have is how delicate our egos are. If you publicly build up your man’s ego, whether in front of his friends, family or even total strangers, he will think you’re the most wonderful woman in the world. Yet feminism and the media has given woman some strange mental block about this, as if doing so is some admission of weakness on their part.

ZulmariePadín empowers millions of viewers via Univision with her national TV segment in Despierta America. Her laser coaching changes in minutes what you haven’t accomplished in years. Recognized as the coach for #Career #Success her new project unveils what modern women need to know to find true  #Love

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NAPW – AHA red networking &  business

Category : EVENTS

Join us on Thursday, February 11th, 2016 at Broward County Convention Center for the most heartfelt networking event of the season – where we will raise funds for the American Heart Association and its Go Red for Women movement, and promote heart health and wellness, ensuring that every woman is equipped with the power to prevent heart disease. The business expo is taking place on the third floor, by the registration area, where you can get your complimentary tickets. Please, join us from 6PM – 8PM, and wear something red in the sign of support!


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Do you want to be a successful leader?

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Zulmarie Padin with the University of Miami students

Are you ready for a leadership role? Before you go after that management position, make sure you have what it takes to succeed. Managing others requires a set of talents that go beyond knowledge or technical expertise. In my experience working with employees and companies finding the right candidate for management it’s very challenging. According to Gallup great managers have these talents:

1. They motivate every single employee to take action and engage them with a compelling mission and vision.
2. They have the assertiveness to drive outcomes and the ability to overcome adversity and resistance.
3. They create a culture of clear accountability.
4. They build relationships that create trust, open dialogue, and full transparency.
5. They make decisions that are based on productivity, not politics.

I will add # 6. They have the ability to manage conflict. To lead others successfully you need to stay calm and see everyone’s point of view to discover the root of the problem.

“Gallup’s research also reveals that only 1 in 10 people possess all these traits. While many people are endowed with some of them, few have the unique combination of talent needed to help a team achieve excellence in a way that significantly improves a company’s performance. These 10%, when put in manager roles, naturally engage team members and customers, retain top performers, and sustain a culture of high productivity. Combined, they contribute about 48% higher profit to their companies than average managers.

It’s important to note that 2 in 10 exhibit some characteristics of basic managerial talent and can function at a high level if their company invests in coaching and developmental plans for them.”

In my experience employees who want to grow do their best to give their best. But what they don’t know they just don’t know. And that’s why coaching managers to develop their leaderships skills yields powerful results and is the most gratifying part of my job.

If you think you’re ready to lead, take the time to evaluate your performance based on that list. If you need help in preparing yourself for that management role – give me a call.

Zulmarie Padín is strategist for success and career expert. Training and coaching leadership skills for more than a decade – across industries for top companies worldwide.

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Zulmarie Padín en Nueva York – private workshop

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NYC banner

Breaking News: Quedan 5 plazas! Zulmarie Padín en Nueva York

Único taller privado: Sabado 12 de Dic

Lugar: Teatro Restaurante Boulevard


Lidera con Éxito y Corazón

Querido Lider de nuestra comunidad,

Reserva tu espacio ahora! Solo 15 plazas. No pierdas esta oportunidad de hacer este taller conZulmarie Padín.  Sabado 12 de Diciembre de 6.00 a 9.00pm

La conferencia que dicto en Noviembre nos impacto a todos de tal forma que nos pusimos en marcha para que regresara a realizar este taller presencial.

Nov REDCOLNY.jpgcon Claudia NYC.jpg

Así surge la idea de organizar este evento exclusivo para ti y los lideres de nuestra comunidad con ganas de crecer y prosperar.

Ven a recibir el gran impulso de energía y conocimientos que trae Zulmarie Padín. Su coaching la hora son $300.00 y sus entrenamientos $2,000 al dia! 

Gracias a Quetomas La Revista y la colaboracion de REDCOLNY tu inversion sera solo $75.00. Si te registras antes del 5 de Diciembre.

 Click aqui para reservar tu plaza con paypal o tarjeta de credito

Te invitamos a conectar con tu camino del heroe…

Porqué lo necesitas:

Estás en un momento crítico de identificar qué potenciar, qué soltar y qué innovar.

No tienes tiempo que perder ni dinero que malgastar en iniciativas que no son sostenibles.

Quieres continuar haciendo lo que te apasiona y ser una líder exitoso y próspero.

De este proceso y la decisiones que tomes depende tu futuro económico, felicidad y paz

Taller Personalizado!

No importa en que momento de vida estes… Zulmarie Padín es una experta a nivel global y compartirá las mejores practicas que ayudan a los lideres de grandes empresas a triunfar.

Te garantizamos que saldrás de esta experiencia con:

•  Estrategias frescas y nuevas ideas para llegar a tu próximo nivel.

•  Acciones de poco esfuerzo que generan grandes impactos y resultados

•  Confianza como líder para crecer y tener la vida que deseas

•  Nuevas conexiones valiosas para tu éxito

Reserva tu plaza ahora en este link

Su trayectoria

Cuando Zulmarie Padín hizo su propio “camino del heroe” pasó de ser nadie a convertirse en una celebridad. Hoy es reconocida como la Coach del Éxito en Estados Unidos. Ella impacta a millones de hispanos con su segmento televisivo que se transmite por el canal Univision a nivel nacional.

Ha trabajado en Europa, Asia, Latinoamérica y Estados Unidos para empresas lideres en su industria, como Master Card, Estée Lauder y The New York Times.

En 2015 The National Association of Proffesional Woman – la organización mas prestigiosa de mujeres de negocios en EEUU– la escogió para desarrollar un programa de talleres exclusivo para todos sus “NAWP Chapters” en la Florida.