10 mistakes to avoid in a job search

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10 mistakes to avoid in a job search

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Great insight on 10 things I’ve also seen people do wrong in their job quest. I can attest this one is the worst mistake job seekers make: “Spending all their time answering ads, or sending out their résumé to blind contacts, instead of making meaningful connections and doing face-to-face networking. “It’s the number one, catastrophic job search mistake,” said Chase this article  “Stop Screwing Up Your Job Search In These 10 Ways” (link below)“It fools people into thinking they are doing a pro-active search when in fact it’s very passive.” Stamboulie and Attridge agree. “More than 50% of jobs are never posted,” notes Attridge. “Eighty percent of jobs are found through networking or direct contact.” We’ve written it many times but it bears repeating.

#ZPknows  another one that hinders candidates more than they think –  is becoming impatient and pestering recruiters and hiring managers frequently, especially by phone. Stanboulie’s advice is right on ” It’s a good idea to follow up, but impatience or testiness will alienate your potential employer.”

Good luck in your search and make sure you take note of this pitfalls The link between wanting and having is doing to the right thing.

Zulmarie Padín is a career strategist empowering millions of Hispanics with her collaborations on radio and TV Show Despierta America that airs on Univision.  If want you to get hired now, contact her. She helps people transform the frustrating process of job searching into an exciting quest to find their dream job. Session via phone or videocall. She’s fully bilingual – spanish. www.zulmariepadin.com

You can read the full article in this link:http://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2014/07/25/stop-screwing-up-your-job-search-in-these-10-ways/

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