BREAKING NEWS: Sold out in two days! We opened a new cycle of ZP Success in Action workshops – REGISTER NOW!

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BREAKING NEWS: Sold out in two days! We opened a new cycle of ZP Success in Action workshops – REGISTER NOW!


Hurry up and register! Zulmarie’s strategic alliance with NAPW (read more), ZP Success in Action private workshops, sold out in 2 days without even going public! We opened a new series so you can participate, starting July 12. Go here now to check out the details and register.

Thanks to The National Association of Professional Women’s strategic alliance with Zulmarie to deliver a high level business education program for women consisting of workshops and free conferences for the general public, now you can join her upcoming series, “ZP Success in Action.” The curriculum was custom fit to help women manage and grow their careers and companies, with women’s challenges discovered in the survey findings in mind. (read more)

Here add the NEW dates and topics for each session using the format below but with NEW dates

What will you accomplish in each session of Zp Success in Action: 

Session 1: Tue August 9

Redesign your strategy. Rethink your priorities. Revamp your mindset

Session 2: Tue September 13

Getting customers: Understand Marketing, Sales, Branding, Promotion

Session 3: Tue October 11  

Telling your story: Public Relations. Digital tools (the platforms to get insta-known)

Session 4: Tue November 15

Present your new Strategy

Session 5: Tue December 6

Leading for Success: Communicate, Delegate, Increase productivity


Graduation Party!!! December 13

We will celebrate our accomplishments together in style at a very special place with the best host ever (it’s a secret that we’ll reveal only to graduates).

The value of this program is $3,000.00, but you can take advantage of NAPW’s offer, if you register now. Admission is by application only. Go here for information and to apply.

Note: We have more women interested than space available, so we will assign the seats in the strict order of registration. You do not have to be a NAPW member to register but you Go here for information and to apply.

We encourage you to share this unique opportunity with like-minded women who want to succeed in 2016.